Webinar: Why FRP?

FRP fans offer better corrosion resistance than metal fans and are less expensive than most alloys. Want to learn more? Watch our free webinar on “Why FRP and How to Make it Excel for your Application?” by clicking the button below.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

Since their inception, FRP fans offer the optimal balance of low cost and long service life, making them the ideal choice for corrosive and caustic environments.

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Better Corrosion Resistance

Verantis has focused on strengthening the corrosion barrier on its FRP fan line through the use of additional protective coatings and layers.

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Free Educational Download

Corrosion can be exhausting. This whitepaper explains how Verantis FRP fans can reinvigorate your air handling. Click the button to download.

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All Fans are NOT Created Equal!

This comprehensive comparison guide to the benefits of using Verantis FRP fans features head to head photos. Click the button to learn more.

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