Wet Scrubbers
Verantis has designed and engineered a wide range of wet scrubbers suited to various applications. Our wet scrubbers make use of a variety of scrubbing agents and solutions to target, remove, and neutralize specific pollutants, toxic and corrosive gases, particulates, and odors contained in industrial exhaust streams. All of our wet scrubbers boast high removal efficiency rates and employ Verantis fans, tower internals, and our patented Tellerettes® packing technology to provide you with high-value, long-lasting process and environmental solutions.

Our consultants will work with you to determine the best wet scrubber for your application. We can also customize our scrubbers to meet unique needs. And we offer a test pilot program, allowing you to prequalify many of our scrubber configurations.

Ionizing Wet Scrubber
The gold standard in wet scrubbing, our patented Ionizing Wet Scrubber (IWS™) simultaneously removes both gases and particulates for your more demanding applications.
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Countercurrent Scrubbers
As the scrubber most commonly used for removing noxious gases from airstreams, Verantis countercurrent packed towers combine high-efficiency collection and low-pressure drop with a small footprint.
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Crossflow Scrubbers
Designed to minimize height for low-profile applications, our crossflow scrubbers are highly effective at absorbing gaseous pollutants and feature flushing characteristics to handle moderate loadings of solids.
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Emergency Scrubbers
Verantis emergency scrubbers provide stand-by protection for the potential release of toxic gases. They are available in a wide variety of packaged designs engineered to control chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, phosgene, and other gases, with design efficiencies as high as 99.995%.
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Fluidized Bed Scrubbers
Where other environmental control equipment is prone to fouling, our fluidized bed scrubbers deliver the perfect answer to your applications. They effectively remove micron and submicron particulates and can achieve high-efficiency gas absorption.
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Packaged Scrubbers
Our line of pre-engineered gas absorption scrubber systems offer a cost-effective choice for a wide range of standard applications.
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Venturi Scrubbers
Verantis engineers a complete line of venturi wet scrubbers in multiple models to deliver high removal efficiencies for a broad range of applications.
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Sieve Tray Towers
For applications requiring a low gas-to-liquid ratio, our sieve tray towers provide an effective solution for absorbing highly soluble, volatile compounds including alcohols, soluble organics, and some acid gases.
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Pilot Equipment
The Verantis Test Pilot Program provides pilot equipment for special applications and pre-qualification testing. Pilot equipment configurations include countercurrent scrubbers, cross flow scrubbers, fluidized bed scrubbers, and ionizing wet scrubbers.
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