Emergency Scrubbers
The stand-by emergency scrubber for toxic gas releases. If your operation has the potential to release toxic gases, then you need a stand-by emergency scrubber that’s ready to effectively control chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, phosgene, or any other gas your operation throws at it. Verantis can recommend, design, and install the right packaged scrubber system for your needs, offering design efficiencies as high as 99.995%.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for specific gas type and release rate
  • Sump tank holds sufficient chemical for neutralization
  • Automatic start-up based on gas sensor input
  • Extremely high removal efficiency meets Uniform Fire Codes
  • Corrosion-resistant materials components

  • Services
    Verantis provides end-to-end environmental solutions. From consulting on the best systems for your needs to installing and maintaining your equipment and systems, Verantis delivers the services you need to maintain your processes and achieve compliance:
    Emergency Scrubber Systems
    Our emergency scrubber systems typically consist of an eductor venturi scrubber, concurrent packed tower scrubber, or both, mounted on a chemical storage tank. The tank holds sufficient chemical solutions to absorb and neutralize an instantaneous release of toxic gas at a very high inlet concentration.
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