Over the years, Verantis has introduced a wide range of products to the industrial marketplace including tank linings, protective coatings, reinforced plastic process vessels, filamentous tower packing, corrosive air handling fans, and air pollution control equipment and systems.

The company's commitment today, as it has been for almost 80 years, is to develop high-quality and cost-effective environmental control systems that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.



Verantis® Environmental Solutions began its life in 1926 as The Ceilcote® Company, a supplier of industrial corrosion-resistant materials, beginning with a corrosion resistant lining for acid pickling tanks.


Corrosion Resistance

In 1956, the company pioneered the development and manufacture of reinforced plastic corrosion resistant equipment, such as pipe tanks and fume handling systems.


Air Pollution Control

In 1960, it entered the air pollution control equipment market through extension of its process equipment fabrication capabilities. Through innovative product development, Verantis introduced Tellerette® Tower Packing in the early 1960's and fiberglass reinforced plastic fans for corrosive fume handling in 1966. Later product introductions include: chevron blade mist eliminators, rod-bed venturi scrubbers, eductor venturi scrubbers, sieve tray scrubbers, improved versions of Tellerette Tower Packing, Ionizing Wet Scrubber systems (IWS®), and packaged mini-scrubbers.


FRP Fans

In early 1980's, the company acquired Plastic Blower Fans and added fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) fans to its growing product line.


The company opens its Singapore offices.



The Air Pollution Control Division of Ceilcote was sold to Air-Cure Environmental in 1992 and was later acquired in 2001 by privately-held Tanglewood Investments of Houston, Texas.



The company opens its Shanghai offices.


In 2009, the company rebranded under the name Verantis Environmental Solutions Group.


In 2010, Verantis acquired Atlanta-based Andersen 2000, a provider of systems for the thermal treatment of industrial and specialty waste streams. The acquisition included all technologies and assets of Andersen 2000 including the incineration technologies of Montair Cap Engineering and affiliates.