Need a fan that is built to handle severe environments? One that ensures minimal downtime and easy maintenance? A fan that takes air movement to the next level?

These fans can handle it.

Meet VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans. Designed with next-level thinking and innovation to control your environment.


About VerantisCF® Carbon Fiber Fans

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fan impellers provide next-level speed, strength, and corrosion resistance for those who routinely need to move air in challenging environments without compromising strength.
Lighter, faster, and stronger than traditional fiberglass, VerantisCF offers Carbon Fiber impellers that provide cost-effective, long-lasting, guaranteed results. In addition, VerantisCF is an affordable alternative for stainless and other exotic alloy impellers without the pricing volatility that is typically associated with such alloys.
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Carbon fiber composites are 5 times lighter than steel yet 10 times stronger. The reduced weight puts less stress on the motor and its components, leading to a longer operating life and a more efficient fan.


Carbon fiber fans can reach higher RPM than even the most advanced fiberglass fans for higher pressure generation and more efficient usage of power.


Carbon fiber outperforms fiberglass in tensile and compressive strength. That’s the power of carbon fiber.

Corrosion Resistant

Carbon fiber composites are one of the most corrosion resistant materials available and can stand up to even the toughest environments.

FRP vs. Carbon Fiber Spotlight

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Club 2225

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Club 2550

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Control your environment with VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans.

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