Food and agricultural production processes create a range of emissions, and Verantis® offers the products and the expertise to address them all. We offer a wide range of wet scrubbing systems to control your environment and effectively and reliably remove odors, dust, and other emissions. Our engineers will work with you to recommend the best equipment and custom design solutions for your unique application and operational needs.

Verantis products and solutions can control emissions and pollution from all your production processes:

  • Packed tower scrubbers control odors from rendering, process dryers, milling, packaging, and fragrance/flavoring production
  • Wet venturi scrubbers and packaged mini-scrubbers handle dust suppression and odor control caused by soluble and insoluble particulate emissions
  • Sieve tray scrubbers minimize water usage for alcohol absorption from grain processing and bakery exhaust
  • High Efficiency Aerosol Filtration (HEAF) Systems to remove sub-micron, liquid aerosol from cooking and frying applications
  • A variety of equipment materials, including thermoplastic, FRP, food grade, and stainless steel, to meet all your application needs