No other environmental control systems firm has served the metal processing and coating industry as long, or as well, as Verantis®.

More than a half century ago, Verantis developed its first special acid resistant coatings and linings for process tanks and flooring. We introduced fiberglass reinforced polymers in the 1960s, becoming the first supplier of FRP acid scrubbers and FRP fans to plants and facilities like yours. As your single source for environmental control solutions, we provide complete systems that meet both your operational and regulatory requirements - and we design and build them to last. In fact, equipment we installed more than 30 years ago remains in operation for our many metal processing and coating customers today!

Turn to Verantis for comprehensive, dependable environmental control solutions:

  • Numerous system installations on cleaning, pickling, galvanizing, and plating lines
  • Extensive knowledge of corrosion resistant materials, ventilation requirements, and scrubbing technology
  • Scrubber system installation on tablet coating operations, pilot reactor vents, and full-scale production systems
  • Durable products and solutions designed to withstand hostile chemical environments for the long haul
  • Custom-designed system to meet all MACT requirements for HCl and chrome emissions as well as NOx removal from special alloy pickling