Whether you manufacture semiconductor wafers, electronic displays, or circuit boards, your processes rely on a variety of chemicals that create pollution issues when ventilated. Verantis® is well-versed in all aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing process. We know how to reliably and cost-effectively address the emissions your facility and applications produce, and our environmental controls are in use around the world, helping facilities like yours comply with regulations while achieving operational goals.

Turn to Verantis for a wide range of systems and solutions designed to meet your emissions and pollution control challenges:

  • Large volume packed tower scrubbers and crossflow packed scrubbers handle general ventilation from central abatement systems
  • Smaller packaged scrubbers and point-of-use (POU) scrubbers solve emission problems closer to the source
  • Large volume, high efficiency CLUB Series centrifugal fans set the industry standard for low-vibration operation with levels as low as 0.025 in./sec.