The solar industry relies on silicon to make photovoltaic (PV) devices and solar cells. Outranked only by oxygen, silicon is the second-most abundant element in the earth's crust. But to be useful as a semiconductor material in solar cells, silicon must be refined to a purity of 99.9999%. Silicon refining processes are complex; fortunately, Verantis® can help you control your environment and meet the solar market’s most demanding processing challenges.

Trust Verantis to provide proven environmental solutions for all your silicon refining needs:

  • Equipment combinations that ensure maximum system availability for trichlorosilane production
  • TCS emergency vent scrubbing systems that combine high-removal efficiency with system readiness
  • Silane waste incineration scrubber solutions that treat incineration gases containing both acid gas and submicron particulate
  • The right combination of equipment and chemistry for NOx control for acid etching
  • High-efficiency packed scrubbers to remove alkalis and acid-generated emissions during the wafer cleaning process
  • Complete line of venturi scrubbers for controlling fine and coarse SiO2 particulate
  • Incineration and energy recovery systems for processing waste and recovering usable products for the manufacturing process