Verantis® helps you control your environment with CHEAF systems that efficiently remove difficult-to-control sticky, oily, or liquid aerosol emissions from exhaust gas streams with removal efficiencies of 99.99% or greater. CHEAF systems offer the additional advantage of continuously cleaning the filter media, which extends the filter life.

CHEAF systems collect water-soluble submicron aerosol particulate and employ a liquid wash to clean the filter. They are particularly well-suited to control emissions from numerous sources, including ammonium nitrate and urea prill tower emissions, soda and borosilicate glass furnace emissions, phosphoric acid mists and phosphorus pentoxide fumes, emissions from inorganic chemical calciners and dryers, food product spray dryers, galvanizing fumes, and sulfuric acid mists.

Verantis CHEAF systems are also highly effective at controlling insoluble particulate matter with a mean diameter of less than 1.0 microns, such as metallurgical fumes. They provide a cost- and energy-efficient alternative to high-energy scrubbers or Brownian motion-controlled mist eliminators.

CHEAF Filtration Devices

  • Continuously-cleaned CHEAF systems for non-acidic gas streams containing insoluble particulate matter and liquid particulate or water soluble emissions in acid gas streams
  • Renewable media CHEAF systems for emissions with both soluble and insoluble particulate matter in acidic or strongly basic gas streams
  • Fixed or candle-type CHEAF systems for liquid aerosol control requiring Brownian motion or candle-type mist eliminators

Markets and Applications

Typical markets and applications that benefit from CHEAF systems include:

  • Urea prill tower
  • Ammonium nitrate production
  • Fertilizer production