Tellerettes® Scrubber Packing... the Power in the Tower

Tellerette® Scrubber Packing has a unique patented toroidal helix design that makes them dramatically more efficient than conventional packings for mass transfer, heat transfer and particulate collection. The newest K-series (2K & 3K) improves on the original Tellerette®  scrubber packing design with increased open area and reduced pressure drop providing high scrubbing efficiency at velocities up to 700 fpm. This make the K series Tellerette® scrubber packing ideal for retrofitting existing towers that may require increased capacity, higher removal efficiency, or both. There is only one place to find unique, patented Tellerette® Scrubber Packing: Verantis Environmental Solutions Group.

Tellerette® Scrubber Packing Features:

  • Greater gas flow capacity permits use of smaller diameter, lower cost columns.
  • Existing towers can be retrofitted for higher capacity and improved efficiency.
  • Lower pressure drop reduces operating costs.
  • High open area design minimizes fouling.
  • High column stability. No classic flooding.
  • Effective impingement of both liquid droplets and solid particulate.
  • No channeling when proper liquid distribution is used.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • A shallow bed of Tellerettes® scrubber packing provides effective mist elimination.
  • Available in a wide range of materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF, and Tefzel.
tellerettediagram (1)
  1. Liquid is collected by inertial impaction.
  2. Droplets form at countless interstitial holdup points.
  3. As each droplet falls, it strikes the next packing element and bursts, exposing fresh surfaces to gas.
  4. This agglomeration/dispersal cycle repeats continuously with no additional energy requirements.
  5. Contaminants are absorbed with unique efficiency.

Tellerette® Types:

Verantis Environmental Solutions Group Tellerette® Scrubber Packing is available in a wide range of materials including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and Tefzel.

Normal Packing Size Maximum Dimension O.D. Loop Height Free Volume (%) Surface Area FT2/FT3 Average Packing Factor
No. 1R 1.810” 0.69” 87 55 36
No. 2R 2.875” 1.00” 93 38 18
No. 3R 3.750” 1.50” 92 30 18
No. 2K 3.250” 1.19” 95 28 11
No. 3K 4.125” 2.44” 96 22 9

tower_internalsTower Internals

Verantis Environmental Solutions Group offers a complete line of packing support plates and spray nozzles to complement our line of Tellerette® scrubber packing.

Features & Benefits

  • Scrubber packing support plates provide maximum free passage (open area),
    minimize solids deposit and allow easy flushing and cleanability.
  • A complete line of full cone spray nozzles provide for uniform distribution.
  • Various spray angles and flow rates are available.

Tellerette®  is a registered trademark of Verantis Environmental Solutions Group.


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