Mist Eliminators

Verantis® offers high performance chevron mist eliminators to remove liquid entrainment from
gas streams with removal efficiencies up to nearly 100%.

All wet scrubber designs incorporate mist eliminators or entrainment separators to remove entrained droplets, which contain the contaminants or particulate matter.

misteliminatorThe most common mist eliminators are chevrons, which are baffles that cause the gas stream to turn several times as it passes through the mist eliminator, causing liquid droplets to collect on the blades of the chevron and drain back into the scrubber.

Verantis® offers chevron mist eliminators for the highest reliability and collection efficiency, with mist removal efficiencies often approaching 100%. Our demisters rely on direct impingement combined with centrifugal force to remove liquid entrainment from gas streams. They guarantee high efficiency and low pressure drops in scrubbers, cooling towers, air washers, gas absorbers, and ventilation systems.

Our high performance chevron mist eliminators help you control your environment:

  • misteliminatros-diagramSpecial chevron design allows for high velocity operation up to 1,000 fpm
  • Existing towers with mesh pads can be retrofitted to minimize fouling and pad replacement
  • Wide blade spacing provides excellent resistance against potential plugging in applications with high solids loading
  • Effectively removes liquid droplets as small as 10 microns per bulletin 12-12.1
  • Chevron mist eliminators available in:
    • Vinylester fiberglass reinforced plastic
    • 304 and 316 stainless steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Hastelloy®
    • High alloy nickel
    • Polypropylene

Markets and Applications

Typical markets and applications that benefit from mist eliminators include:

  • Sulfuric Acid Mists
  • Steel Mills
  • Pickling Lines
  • Foundries

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