Mining and Materials Processing

Solve all your emissions challenges with uniquely engineered products and systems.

Chemical and materials handling processes common in the mining and mineral extraction industries can create a wide range of emission challenges. Fortunately, you only need one environmental control partner to address them all.


Verantis® offers a wide range of scrubbers and other emissions control products, and each one can be customized to your unique needs. Plus, with Verantis, you can count on long-lasting value for cost-effective compliance today and tomorrow.

Choose Verantis as your single-source supplier for all your environmental and process challenges:

  • Effectively control dust created during classifying operations for precious metals with venturi wet scrubbers
  • Choose model multi throat venturis (MTV), for gold and silver recovery operations
  • Remove hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) evolved from metal dissolving/separation processes with packed towers
  • Eliminate opacity problems from precious metal recovery systems that use aggressive aqua regia and other acid solutions with multi-stage acid/NOx systems

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