Integral Impeller Containment

Whether through human error, age or environmental wear and tear, fans can encounter component failure at some point in their lifespan. Verantis FanDefender® containment housing provides a convenient option to improve the safety of your plant staff in an affordable and hassle-free application.

FanDefender’s proprietary design incorporates a hybrid-engineered, fiber laminate design that vastly improves damage tolerance and impact resistance over commonly used aramid-based blankets. FanDefender® containment housing is designed to contain an impeller at up to three times the max catalog speed of the fan.FAN-DEFENDER-LOGO_8.12.20

Safety shouldn’t be an unaffordable product!

  • Benefits of FanDefender®:

    • Built in to the housing with no bulky, heavy blankets to remove, allowing for easier maintenance.
    • Proprietary blend vastly improves damage tolerance and impact resistance over blankets and other containment systems.
    • Integrated housing construction for excellent durability.
    • Higher impact energy absorption
    • Lower weight than aramid and carbon fiber
    • Lower cost than aramid-based blankets
    • High moisture resistance vs aramid-based blanket
    • Increased vibration dampening vs carbon fiber
    • High environmental durability is resistant to chemicals
  • Comparisons: