Venturi Scrubbers

Verantis® offers a complete line of venturi wet scrubbers to deliver high removal
efficiencies for a broad range of applications.


Verantis® offers pre-engineered gas absorption scrubber systems for standard applications to control your environment, including the MS Series Mini-scrubber, and IC Series, in a variety of standard sizes. These self-contained systems boast a small footprint and do not require interconnecting ductwork, making them ideal for operations with limited floor space.

Venturi scrubbers are typically used for the removal of fine particulate. Gas is accelerated at a high velocity through a venturi throat, where a liquid is introduced co-current to the gas flow. The high gas velocity creates a highly turbulent environment, which shears the scrubbing liquid into fine droplets. This amplifies the liquid surface area and mixing of gas and liquid to provide high efficiency particulate collection via impaction.

Venturi scrubbers combine a low price point with high removal efficiency, making them ideal to control your environment in a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Verantis® offers a complete line of venturi scrubbers and can custom engineer any of these solutions to give you the right answer to your pollution and emissions control needs.

Our venturi scrubbers come in a variety of models to meet your unique needs:

venturi-scrubber-01Fixed Throat Venturi, Model VSV

How it Works

The venturi throat is designed to provide proper gas acceleration and liquid droplet shearing to ensure adequate contact between the particulate and recycled liquid when it collides. New, larger particle/droplets are separated from the gas streams by gravitational forces and impingement on an entrainment separator installed downstream of the venturi. Throat pressure drop is a function of contaminant particle size and material properties. The smaller the particle to be removed, the higher the pressure drop required.


Key Points

  • Used primarily for particulate removal
  • Can achieve moderate gas absorption for soluble/reactive gases

venturi-scrubber-03 Adjustable Throat Venturi, Model VTV

How it Works

In many industrial and manufacturing applications, the gas flow rate varies. With a fixed throat opening, the velocity of the gas through the Venturi varies with flow rate, altering pressure drop and impacting performance. An adjustable throat ensures that the gas velocity remains constant, so that particulate removal is unaffected by the variance in the gas flow rate.

Adjustable throat venturis work on the same principle as fixed throat models. However, the throat size and pressure drop is adjusted by means of a movable internal restrictor. A linear actuator sets the restrictor position and automatically moves to maintain a fixed pressure drop for applications with variable gas flow volumes to effectively control your environment.

Key Points

  • Used primarily for particulate removal
  • Ideal for applications with variable exhaust volumes
  • Adjustable throat size and pressure drop
  • Can achieve moderate gas absorption for soluble/reactive gases

Rod/Multi Throat Venturi, Model MTV

How It Works

The rod, or multi throat, venturi relies on a series of parallel rods or pipes to increase gas and liquid velocity for impingement of particulate. The gas exiting the throat section turns horizontally into a baffle chamber to knock down the liquid droplets. A chevron blade entrainment separator takes care of residual discharge droplets.

Key Points

  • Ideal for high loadings of particulate and high flow rates
  • Removes coarse solids including sand, crushed rock, metals, salts, etc.
  • Ideal for foundry and mining industry applications

Eductor Venturi, Model EVS

How It Works

Eductor venturis are different than standard venturis because they typically use high pressure liquid spray to induce the gas flow into the scrubber where particulate is removed through impaction. This eliminates pressure drop and often the need for an exhaust fan. Eductor venturi scrubbers are especially effective at removing noxious gases, particulates, fumes and dust from exhaust streams and process tanks.

For very small volume applications, eductor venturis can control your environment and achieve a very high removal efficiency of gaseous contaminants. Because they are less sensitive to gas velocity than other types of scrubbers, they can contact the gas with a larger volume of liquid containing necessary scrubbing agents and absorb high heats of reaction. This makes eductor venturis effective at scrubbing gas streams containing high concentrations of contaminants.

Key Points

  • Effective for gas absorption and removal of high loadings of particulate
  • Effective scrubbing of gas streams with high concentrations of contaminants
  • Can remove gaseous contaminants up to 99% efficiency in small volume applications
  • Can be used in combination with packed towers and other scrubbing technologies for emergency scrubbing of process vents and storage tanks
  • Good for low volume gas flows, like tank vents, as stand-alone scrubbers, or operating in concert with a packed tower

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