Environmental solutions for all your operational, regulatory, and recovery needs.

Superphosphate production and nitrogen-based fertilizer production plants have unique environmental control needs, and Verantis® delivers uniquely engineered solutions to cost-effectively address each and every challenge you face.


Our scrubber systems and products can be customized for a wide range of applications. And because we understand your industry and have been serving it for decades, we know how to work with you to engineer and implement environmental controls that keep you compliant while operating efficiently.

Depend on Verantis to help you control your environment and provide solutions and products customized for your unique fertilizer production needs, including:

  • Superphosphate production solutions designed to recover phosphates, minimize waste and chemical usage, scrub tetrafluoride (SiF4), return fluorosilicic acid to the acidulation process and handle silica oxides
  • Custom-designed multi-stage eductor venturi systems to meet recovery, operational, and regulatory requirements
  • Nitrogen-based fertilizer production solutions, including fluid bed scrubbers and venturi/packed scrubber combinations to provide fine particulate control and ammonia odor reduction while minimizing chemical make-up and effluent requirements
  • Scrubbers designed to control H2S emissions, odors, and particulate from waste to fertilizer recycling processes

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Even for experienced engineers that know their industry, facility and process inside and out, we can clarify your needs, regulation requirements and engineering. Have a question? Ask Verantis!

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