Custom Fans, Housings & Accessories

At Verantis®, we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all system. That’s why our engineering team
will work with you to customize your fan to perfectly meet your needs.

customfansVerantis® designs and manufactures solid fan housings for reliable performance and corrosion resistance in severe environments. Custom housing options are available to meet special industry needs.

When your situation is unique, your fan should be too. Verantis will customize any of our centrifugal or axial fans for your specific application and work environment. When an off-the-shelf solution isn’t the answer, our engineers will put their expertise and problem-solving capabilities to work to solve your complex air handling challenges. We can build your product to your exact specifications and optimize your fan to help boost energy efficiency and maximize your return-on-investment (ROI.) And, thanks to the exacting quality of all Verantis fans, you can count on operational reliability, minimal downtime, and long, trouble-free operation.

Our engineers partner with you to determine the best way to control your environment and customize your fan. We’ll give you expert guidance to select the right fan for your specific application:

  • Many arrangements available: 10, 9, 9h, 8, 4 or 1-E
  • Acoustical treatments: housing insulation, silencers, and enclosures
  • Choice of resin (including high-temp)
  • High-pressure housings
  • Alloy shafts and impellers for high tip-speed applications
  • Choices of shaft seals including stuffing box, Teflon, mechanical and others
  • Graphite impregnation for conductivity
  • Inlet boxes / dampers / transitions
  • Multi-stage fans for high static pressure
  • Removable bearing assembly for axial fans
  • A complete line of accessories to meet your needs

Ask Verantis!

Even for experienced engineers that know their industry, facility and process inside and out, we can clarify your needs, regulation requirements and engineering. Have a question? Ask Verantis!

Why FRP Fans?

FRP fans offer better corrosion resistance than metal fans and are less expensive than most alloys. Want to learn more? Click below to visit the FRP Fans mini-site.

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