Product options to meet your toughest environmental control challenges.

With more than three decades of experience with industrial odor control, Verantis® has the experience and expertise to help you select the best scrubbing technology for your odor control application. Our scrubbers represent the industry’s best technology for reliably taking care of all types of compound odors. With our wide range of customizable solutions and products, we give you the flexibility to meet all your odor and emissions control needs.


Many major pharmaceutical facilities rely on Verantis® incineration and air pollution control solutions to meet their waste processing, pollution, and emission control challenges. Why? Because Verantis offers the expertise to custom engineer products that are cost-effective and reliably meet both plant process and regulatory requirements.

Our ability to completely customize solutions and products for your demanding challenges and special industry needs makes Verantis the environmental control provider of choice for the pharmaceutical and medical products industries.

Trust Verantis as your single source for environmental solutions:

  • Wide range of air pollution control solutions to tackle applications ranging from small volumes with concentrated pollutants to larger volume general ventilation
  • Scrubber system installation on tablet coating operations, pilot reactor vents, and full-scale production systems
  • Solutions for emergency scrubbing ventilation of chemical storage tanks and medical product sterilization
  • Rotary kiln, liquid waste, and vent gas incineration solutions for essentially any pharmaceutical application
  • Custom-designed systems to meet specific plant and MACT regulatory requirements for acids, alcohols, and other HAPS
  • Fan options including conductive carbon gel coating, high-pressure housings, and special shaft seals

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Even for experienced engineers that know their industry, facility and process inside and out, we can clarify your needs, regulation requirements and engineering. Have a question? Ask Verantis!

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