Fiber Optics and Glass

Uniquely engineered environmental control solutions tailored to your unique processes.

Conventional packed scrubbers cannot effectively remove the acid gases and fine silica (submicron) particles produced by CVD (chemical vapor deposition) processes used by specialty glass furnaces. But Verantis® offers you solutions and products that can.


We know your processes inside and out, and this lets our engineers design, recommend, and implement systems and products that ensure high efficiency pollutant removal while minimizing your deposition-related difficulties.

Verantis can efficiently handle your most demanding pollution control needs and help you control your environment:

  • Wide range of scrubbers, including ionizing wet scrubbers, fluidized bed scrubbers, and venturi scrubbers, to address you unique exhaust volume and outlet parameters
  • Scrubbers can be combined to meet your unique needs
  • Know-how and solutions to minimize maintenance and downtime difficulties associated with deposition zones created by the hydro-reactive chemicals used in your processes

Ask Verantis!

Even for experienced engineers that know their industry, facility and process inside and out, we can clarify your needs, regulation requirements and engineering. Have a question? Ask Verantis!

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FRP fans offer better corrosion resistance than metal fans and are less expensive than most alloys. Want to learn more? Click below to visit the FRP Fans mini-site.

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