Pulp and Paper

New and retrofit solutions to meet your unique needs.

With more than three decades of experience with industrial odor control, Verantis® has the experience and expertise to help you select the best scrubbing technology for your odor control application. Our scrubbers represent the industry’s best technology for reliably taking care of all types of compound odors. With our wide range of customizable solutions and products, we give you the flexibility to meet all your odor and emissions control needs.


Even if your pulping operation no longer uses chlorine for bleaching, you may still need to control chlorine dioxide emissions from ECF operations or reduce sulfur emissions from paper processing. Verantis® can design and customize scrubber systems to control all types of emissions from your paper processing operation. Or we can retrofit existing packed towers to increase efficiency and capacity.

Whatever your needs, Verantis offers solutions and products that help you comply with regulations while standing up to your aggressive environment and delivering exceptional service life with minimal maintenance.

Verantis delivers the tools you need to cost-effectively control your environment:

  • Concurrent packed scrubbers for controlling chlorine dioxide and/or sulfur emissions
  • Various process streams, such as extract filtrate and white liquor, to minimize chemical make-up requirements and meet MACT Cluster Rule regulations
  • Towers available in both FRP and CPVC-lined FRP for a wide range of applications
  • Retrofitting with Tellerette® Tower Packing to increase efficiency and capacity
  • Fluidized bed retrofits to help eliminate fouling and maintenance problems for specific applications, such as scrubbing with a slurry solution
  • FRP fans for unparalleled chemical and corrosion resistance

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Why FRP Fans?

FRP fans offer better corrosion resistance than metal fans and are less expensive than most alloys. Want to learn more? Click below to visit the FRP Fans mini-site.

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