Filter Media

Verantis® offers a variety of filtration media for aerosol collection applications.

Verantis® helps you control your environment with a variety of fibrous filtration media for use in aerosol collection applications.

The filter media is designed to deliver high removal efficiencies for liquid aerosol emissions where liquids are agglomerated into larger droplets as they pass through the media. These larger droplets are removed in a conventional, mesh-style mist eliminator downstream of the filter media.

Primarily designed for use in Verantis HEAF aerosol removal systems, the filter media can also be applied and utilized in other manufacturer’s aerosol removal equipment as well.

Filter media is available in two different materials: fiberglass and polyester. Fiberglass filter media is primarily used where oils are present in the gas stream or in situations where the aerosol emissions are sticky, such as asphalt or plasticizer applications. Polyester filter media is primarily utilized with the presence of fats (cooking or frying) and can also be used in applications that have wet or saturated gas streams.

Verantis filter media are available in multiple, standard widths (18”, 24”, 36” and 48”). Custom widths are also available to meet other manufacturer’s aerosol removal equipment designs.

Key Points

  • Filter media available in fiberglass and polyester
  • Multiple, standard widths of 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” available
  • Custom widths also available for other manufacturer’s aerosol removal equipment designs

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