Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Verantis® environmental
control systems and products.


Below are some common questions we receive from our customers and the answers to go with them. Have your own question or comment? You can submit it to . Or, you can also contact Verantis® to speak with one of our qualified sales engineers.

Q. Is it true that a Verantis fan can last for 20 years?


Yes, it's true! In fact, it's not unusual for our fans to last even longer depending on the operating environment. Some fans are still in operation today after 35 years!

Q. Do you do any business outside of the United States?


Yes. Verantis is a global company with offices in China and Singapore. We have installations on all continents and are familiar with all local regulations and requirements.

Q. Do you sell any type of coating or ceiling materials?


No. When Verantis Corporation began operating in 1926 as a supplier of industrial corrosion resistant materials, one of our first products was a corrosion resistant lining for acid pickling tanks. That is how the original Ceilcote® name came into existence. Since that time, Verantis has introduced a wide range of products to the industrial marketplace including tank linings, protective coatings, reinforced plastic process vessels, filamentous tower packing, corrosive air handling fans, and other air pollution control equipment and systems.

Q. Can you use Tellerette® Tower Packing or other Verantis packing materials for scrubber systems other than your own?


Absolutely. We can provide packing materials for many different applications and for non-Verantis systems. Please contact us at for more information or call us directly at 1.800.554.8673.

Q. Can you service or retrofit non-Verantis fans and systems?


Yes. We have an extensive amount of experience in reworking other manufacturer's products for our customers. We have converted non-Verantis fans to direct drive systems to improve efficiency, modified fan designs to incorporate our more maintenance-friendly independent shaft model, and modified scrubber system designs to improve their effectiveness. Contact Verantis to talk to a scrubber sales engineer or fan sales engineer to learn more.