Packed Bed Scrubbers

Designed to minimize height for low-profile applications, our crossflow scrubbers are highly effective
at absorbing gaseous pollutants, mists and solid particulate.

crossflow-scrubberIn crossflow packed bed scrubbers, the gas flow is horizontal and the scrubbing liquid sprays downward which minimizes height for low-profile applications.

The Verantis® crossflow scrubber is both streamlined and highly effective at absorbing gaseous pollutants to help control your environment. Thanks to its flushing characteristics, it can also effectively handle moderate loadings of solids. There’s no need for interconnecting ductwork with the Verantis crossflow scrubber; the equipment is configured so that the fan can be close-coupled directly to the gas outlet.

Our crossflow scrubbers provide convenient maintenance access and can be arranged in series if your application requires more than one scrubbing chemistry. In addition to standard models, our crossflow scrubbers can be completely customized for your unique needs and special applications.

Key Points

  • Capacities up to 100,000 ACFM
  • High efficiency Tellerette® Tower Packing removes soluble/reactive gases, solid particulate and liquid droplets down to 7 microns
  • Lower shell serves as integral sump for recycle of liquid
  • Spray nozzles accessible from top of unit
  • Entrainment separators prevent liquid carryover
  • Special multi-bed packing designs accommodate different scrubbing solutions for removal of multiple contaminants

Markets and Applications

Typical markets and applications that benefit from crossflow scrubbers include:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Food and Agricultural
  • Incineration
  • Metal Processing and Coating
  • Mining and Material Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polysilicon and Semiconductor
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Wastewater Treatment

countercurrent-verticalCountercurrent Vertical

This scrubber is most commonly used for the removal of acid and other noxious gases from process ventilation and exhaust streams. It is designed for high collection efficiencies and maximum corrosion resistance. The unit is compact—ideal where floor space is at a premium. Availability of standard models reduces design, engineering and drafting time, and shortens delivery.

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