Odor Control / Waste Water Treatment

Deal with odors and emissions reliably and cost-effectively.

With more than three decades of experience with industrial odor control, Verantis® has the experience and expertise to help you select the best scrubbing technology for your odor control application. Our scrubbers represent the industry’s best technology for reliably taking care of all types of compound odors. With our wide range of customizable solutions and products, we give you the flexibility to meet all your odor and emissions control needs.


Count on Verantis to deliver the industry’s best products and solutions for odor control:

  • Single and multi-stage packed tower scrubbers achieve high-efficiency removal of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and methyl sulfides
  • Scrubbers with very small footprints, as compared to biofiltration
  • Scrubbing solutions handle high concentrations of sulfides, with no adverse effects
  • Scrubbers can be shut down and restarted in minutes with no concern for media drying or bacteria regeneration
  • Tellerette® Tower Packing allows scrubbers to operate at increased velocity, further reducing system size and cost
  • AMCA-rated CLUB series fans deliver reliable, long term operation with wet scrubbing systems, biosystems, and carbon absorption systems

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