Intelligent Monitoring and Control

Verantis, a leader in environmental control, announces another powerful new product to its already best-in-class industrial fans lineup: The Verantis FanGuard® system.

The Verantis FanGuard® system keeps constant watch over your system's fan performance, and is an always-on safeguard against component failure, or even worse, system failure. FanGuard® uses cutting-edge Verantis technology to monitor fan performance from anywhere, 24 / 7 / 365.*

It’s the always on-guard fan monitoring system.

*With Remote Monitoring package only.


FanGuard®: The always on-guard fan monitoring system!

Equipment failure and unexpected downtime can wreak havoc on your production schedule and your bottom line. They can also present a dangerous situation for your employees if a failure is catastrophic. Verantis understands and has developed the FanGuard® monitoring system that can assist you in controlling your environment and keeping your facility online.


What causes equipment failure?

Eventually all equipment fails; it is part of normal life cycle deterioration. In general, all moving component devices have a specified life expectancy in accordance with their design criteria, construction materials and their service requirements and environment.

Examples include:

  • Drive Belts
  • Couplings
  • Motors
  • Input Shafts
  • Bearings


Deterioration can be accelerated by conditions that can occur during normal operation, such as debris on the impeller, blades and/or housings. Other common factors include loose fasteners, improper maintenance and deterioration due to normal outdoor climate conditions including rain, snow, sun, and salt.

Deterioration or equipment failure can also be caused by specific event items that are not an element of normal operation or fall outside of usual operating processes or procedures. Examples of this include improper damper positioning and flow profile changes that can affect the force vectors on the rotating components.