Factory-Assembled Systems

Our line of pre-engineered gas absorption scrubber systems offers a cost-effective choice
for a wide range of standard applications.

packaged-scrubber-03Verantis® offers pre-engineered gas absorption scrubber systems for standard applications to control your environment, including the MS Series Mini-scrubber, and IC Series, in a variety of standard sizes. These self-contained systems boast a small footprint and do not require interconnecting ductwork, making them ideal for operations with limited floor space.

Verantis packaged scrubbers offer convenient, cost-effective solutions and fast installation and start-up. And you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your scrubbing system is backed by the experience, global compliance knowledge, and engineering expertise only Verantis can offer.

MS Mini-Scrubber Key Points

  • Designed for small to medium gas flows
  • Special gas sparger design eliminates the need for a recirculation system
  • Available in 7 standard sizes from 500 to 6,000 CFM
  • Greater than 95% removal for soluble/reactive gases and particulate >10 micron diameter
  • Completely preassembled including control panel and instrumentation
  • Top-mounted exhaust fan
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant polypropylene vessel construction

Custom Skid-Mounted Systems

Custom System

packaged-scrubber-02In addition to pre-engineered systems, Verantis also provides customized factory-assembled systems to minimize field installation while still meeting all requirements for special applications, site conditions and plant regulatory requirements. Systems can be provided in single or modular skid arrangements to meet space restrictions and minimize installation cost. Control packages can be designed for fully-automated local control or tie-in to overall plant Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and utilize compatible plant Programable Logic Controller’s and instrumentation.

Markets and Applications

Typical markets and applications that benefit from packaged scrubbers include:

  • Chemical
  • Foundry
  • Food and Agricultural
  • Lab Ventilation

Ask Verantis!

Even for experienced engineers that know their industry, facility and process inside and out, we can clarify your needs, regulation requirements and engineering. Have a question? Ask Verantis!

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