Incineration Systems

A single source of expertise for both the environmental engineering and the
equipment needed for a complete incineration or thermal treatment system.

For more than 25 years, clients worldwide have been utilizing thermal treatment systems engineered by Verantis®. Our incineration and thermal treatment technologies process a wide range of industrial hazardous wastes including solid, liquid, sludge, and gaseous waste streams generated by commercial, industrial, and medical applications.

Verantis provides you with a single source of expertise for both the environmental engineering and the equipment you need for a complete thermal treatment system. Our engineers can work with you from day one of your project, beginning with waste characterization studies and environmental permitting, through actual equipment design. We fabricate all system components at our worldwide manufacturing facilities, ensuring the most economic equipment, shipping, and logistical cost alternatives.

We are committed to solving any waste processing challenge to help you control your environment. We recommend and provide demonstrated incineration technologies that meet all European Community (EC), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Chinese GB, and Saudi Royal Commission regulations. We will custom engineer a fully-integrated package for your unique application including all required systems components, from waste storage and handling through the final air pollution control system.

Controlled Air Incineration

Verantis® engineers controlled air systems to effectively process industrial, medical, and hazardous waste streams.

Fume/Vent Gas Incinerators

Our fume/vent gas incineration systems effectively process contaminated vent gas and fume streams produced by industrial, refinery, and pharmaceutical applications.

Heat Recovery Systems

Verantis® provides heat recovery systems to work in conjunction with your incineration equipment.

Liquid Waste Incineration

Verantis® delivers complete liquid waste incineration systems custom designed for industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical hazardous waste applications.

Rotary Kiln Incineration

Rotary kiln incineration systems provide flexibility for processing mixed hazardous waste streams.

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