Our air pollution control scrubbers use a variety of scrubbing agents and solutions to remove and neutralize pollutants, gases, particulates, and odors from exhaust streams.

counter-current-scrubberMeeting the most complex and technically demanding environmental control challenges takes much more than off-the-shelf equipment. Verantis provides one of the largest and most experienced in-house team of engineers and consultants in the industry. Our experts work closely with you to identify and develop environmental control systems that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Verantis® produces a wide range of wet scrubbers suited to virtually every industrial application. Our wet scrubbers make use of a variety of scrubbing agents and solutions to remove and neutralize specific pollutants, toxic and corrosive gases, particulates, and odors contained in industrial exhaust streams. Our air pollution control scrubber systems provide industry-leading efficiency rates and employ Verantis fans, tower internals, and our Tellerette® Tower Packing technology to provide you with high-value, long-lasting environmental solutions that help you control your environment.

Our environmental specialists will consult with you, learn about your needs, and help determine the best system design for your application. We can also customize our pollution control scrubbers to meet your unique needs and offer a Pilot Test Program, allowing you to evaluate many of our scrubber configurations.

Ionizing Wet Scrubbers

The Ionizing Wet Scrubber is a design that removes gases and particulates from industrial process airstreams while reducing smoke opacity.

Packed Bed Scrubbers

Designed to minimize height for low-profile applications, our crossflow scrubbers are highly effective at absorbing gaseous pollutants, mists and solid particulate.

Emergency Scrubbers

Verantis® emergency scrubbers provide stand-by protection for the potential release of harmful gases. They are available in a wide variety of packaged designs, with efficiencies as high as 99.995%.

Fluidized Bed Scrubbers

Our fluidized bed scrubbers effectively remove fine particulate while achieving high-efficiency gas contaminant absorption.

Packaged Scrubbers

Our line of pre-engineered gas absorption scrubber systems offers a cost-effective choice for a wide range of standard applications.

Venturi Scrubbers

Verantis® offers a complete line of venturi wet scrubbers to deliver high removal efficiencies for a broad range of applications.

Sieve Tray Towers

For applications requiring a low liquid-to-gas ratio, our sieve tray towers provide an effective solution for absorbing highly soluble, volatile compounds.

Pilot Equipment

The Verantis® Pilot Test Program provides rental evaluation equipment for special applications and pre-qualification testing. Pilot equipment configurations include packed tower scrubbers, crossflow scrubbers and ionizing wet scrubbers.

Dry Scrubbers

Dry scrubbers do not saturate the flue gas stream being treated with moisture and usually do not have stack steam plume or wastewater handling requirements.

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