Axial Fans

Need a highly efficient, versatile fan? Verantis offers axial fans to meet your needs
for your specific application.

Verantis® axial fans blow air horizontal to the intake and can be used as a duct fan or as a roof ventilator. Like all Verantis fans, our axial models help control your environment and are designed for long, trouble-free service, ensuring incredible value. We pretest every fan prior to shipment, and our fan performance data is obtained in accordance with AMCA standards. With Verantis, you get a fan that does the job right, and does it for the long haul.

Axial Fan Models

Verantis axial fans are available in duct mounted (FL) and roof mounted (FLR) models and are designed to give you a wide range of choices, ensuring the best possible product for your specific application:

  • frp-modelAvailable in 11 sizes from 12" to 72" diameter
  • Capacities range from 100 CFM to 110,000 CFM at static pressures up to 2.5" WC
  • Statically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Premium-grade, fire retardant housing and bearing chambers for excellent corrosion-resistance, even in the most aggressive chemical environments
  • Pretested for quality and reliability
  • Entire fan balanced at the operating point

Model and Blade Types

  • FL: Propeller Blades, Duct Mounted
  • FLR: Propeller Blades, Roof Mounted

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Why FRP Fans?

FRP fans offer better corrosion resistance than metal fans and are less expensive than most alloys. Want to learn more? Click below to visit the FRP Fans mini-site.

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