Dry Scrubbers

Dry scrubbers do not saturate the flue gas stream being treated with moisture and usually do not have stack steam plume or wastewater handling requirements.

A dry or semi-dry scrubbing system, unlike wet scrubbers, does not saturate the flue gas stream that is being treated with moisture. In some cases no moisture is added, while in others only the amount of moisture that can be evaporated in the flue gas without condensing is added. Therefore, dry scrubbers generally do not have a stack steam plume or wastewater handling/disposal requirements. Dry scrubbing systems are used to remove acid gases (such as SO2 and HCl) primarily from combustion sources.

Dry scrubbing systems consist of two main sections or devices: the scrubber and the scrubber media. Dry scrubbers spray very fine absorbents into a vessel where they combine with flue gases. The resulting sorbent is captured by the scrubber media, called a baghouse. Different scrubber media remove pollutants in multiple ways, including electrostatic adhesion and chemical reactions.

For some applications, dry scrubbing provides the best solution to control your environment and clean dirty exhaust streams, remove acid gases, or eliminate odors. Verantis® provides a full range of dry scrubbing technologies for industrial applications. Our expertise includes fabric filter baghouses for particulate removal and product recovery applications. Verantis also specializes in chemical storage and injection systems for dry scrubbing of acid gasses and the removal of heavy metal compounds and Dioxins/Furans.

Dry Scrubbing Packages

Verantis will custom design a completely integrated dry scrubbing system for your applications including all required equipment. Our systems typically include the baghouse, chemical/reagent storage and feed system, and spent chemical/particulate disposal system. We guarantee the performance of the entire system for complete peace of mind.

Combination Dry and Wet Scrubbing Systems

These combination systems provide even higher removal efficiencies for gaseous emissions such as HCl and SO2.

Custom Designed Evaporative Cooling Systems

Ideal for high temperature applications, these systems cool the process gas stream to a temperature that’s suitable for the dry scrubbing system.

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