Lower Cost of Ownership


Since their inception, FRP fans offer the optimal balance of low cost and long service life, making them the ideal choice for corrosive and caustic applications.

Verantis fan housings and impellers are constructed of solid FRP made from resins having a flame spread of 25 or less that are formulated for maximum resistance to corrosive fumes, gases, and mists. Verantis uses steel hubs in impeller construction which offers superior fatigue resistance and greater strength when compared with aluminum. The steel hubs are fully encapsulated within FRP material for exceptional corrosion resistance and service life. The outside diameter of the FRP shaft sleeve is machined to allow for a tighter fitting shaft seal as standard. Longer life shaft seal options also allow for even less leakage. Our oversized shafts operate below critical speed on sealed pillow block bearings. Verantis FRP fans are designed to run at lower speeds than similarly constructed competitor fans. These lower speeds reduce wear on the impeller, bearings, and mechanical drive components – resulting in improved operational reliability and minimal downtime. The fans are also statically and dynamically balanced to run smoother, thereby eliminating vibration and enhancing the service life of the fan and its components. In addition to these design features, the exterior of every Verantis fan is coated with a resin layer enhanced with UV-VIS protection against the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. The combination of these barriers results in fans that not only operate reliably, but also hold up aesthetically for years of dependable service even in the most demanding applications.

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