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Environmental control is becoming a more important aspect of business because we only have one place to live… and maintaining a clean environment is our highest priority. Verantis Environmental Solutions Group delivers innovation that goes far beyond environmental regulation compliance. No matter the size, scope, or complexity of your environmental or process challenges, Verantis has the answers and experience to help you control your environment.

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Verantis EDU

Verantis now offers free professional development courses for those looking to further their education in environmental pollution and control and earn P.E. credits!

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Introducing VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans


Verantis, a leader in the environmantal control field, is excited to introduce a powerful new product to its already extensive industrial fans lineup: VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fans.

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Sales Reps

Verantis is seeking domestic and international sales representatives to help our clients control their environment. Interested? Contact us to learn more.

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Equipment failure and unexpected down time can have huge repercussions on your production schedule and ultimately your bottom line.  But, they can also present a dangerous situation for your employees if that failure is catastrophic in nature.  Verantis understands this pressing issue and has developed monitoring equipment that can assist you in controlling your environment and keeping your facility on track. We offer customizable detection and monitoring equipment for the most common characteristics in premature failures:

  • Heat Monitoring Kits
  • Vibration Kits
  • Volume Monitoring Kits
  • Pressure Kits
  • Speed Kits
  • Life Cycle Kits
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Tellerette® Packing

Tellerette Tower Packing helps control your environment and boasts a patented toroidal helix design that makes it dramatically more efficient than conventional packing material for mass transfer, heat transfer, and particulate collection. Verantis scrubber systems are designed with Tellerette Tower Packing to increase residence time in the scrubber and improve removal efficiency. A shallow bed of Tellerette packing can also be used to provide effective mist elimination.

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Ionizing Wet Scrubbers (IWS®)

The Verantis Ionizing Wet Scrubber, or IWS, is a patented design developed to simultaneously remove noxious gases and particulates from industrial process airstreams while eliminating opacity. With more than 100 installations worldwide, IWS systems have been at work for five decades, solving the most demanding environmental control challenges.

The IWS combines the particle removal capabilities of an electrostatic precipitator with the effective gas removal of a crossflow scrubber in a compact, modular design, delivering high-efficiency collection and low pressure drop.

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VerantisCF® Carbon Fiber Fans

VerantisCF Carbon Fiber Fan impellers provide next-level speed, strength, and corrosion resistance for those who routinely need to move air in challenging environments without compromising strength.

Lighter, faster, and stronger than traditional fiberglass, VerantisCF offers Carbon Fiber impellers that provide cost-effective, long-lasting, guaranteed results. In addition, VerantisCF is an affordable alternative for stainless and other exotic alloy impellers without the pricing volatility that is typically associated with such alloys.

  • Carbon fiber composites are 5 times lighter than steel yet 10 times stronger. The reduced weight puts less stress on the motor and its components, leading to a longer operating life and a more efficient fan.
  • Carbon fiber fans can reach higher RPM than even the most advanced fiberglass fans for higher pressure generation and more efficient usage of power.
  • Carbon fiber outperforms fiberglass in tensile and compressive strength. That’s the power of carbon fiber.
  • Carbon fiber composites are one of the most corrosion resistant materials available and can stand up to even the toughest environments.
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